Protect Brand Name, Logo & Slogan


What’s Included:

Attorney preparation of three (3) trademark applications and USPTO government filing fee(s). 

  • SEARCH  - A comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark search to ensure no pre-existing trademark or application could cause the denial of your application.  A complimentary second comprehensive trademark search if the first search finds a potential conflict for your trademark.
  • CONSULTATION - Telephone consultation with a trademark attorney regarding the search results and trademark application.
  • BRAND PROTECTION PLAN - A brand protection plan to help you discover additional areas of the brand that need protection
  • DRAFT & FILE - Drafting and filing of your federal trademark application. Application filing includes the USPTO filing fee (1 Class per application)
  • TRACKING - Tracking of your trademark application once filed with the US Government.
  • UPDATES - Monthly application updates 
  • USPTO RESPONSES - Responding to all procedural actions from the USPTO
  • CERTIFICATE -  Mailing your trademark registration certificate upon receipt from the US Government.
  • BRAND MONITORING -  Daily brand monitoring on USPTO, Federal, State, Business Entities, Domains and Social media,  (12 months)
  • TRADEMARK ENFORCEMENT-  Attorney prepared cease and desist letters and settlement negotiations (12 months)

    How it Works:

    • STEP 1: Within 10 business days, we will complete your comprehensive trademark search.
    • STEP 2: Within 10 business days a trademark attorney will provide you with a phone consultation regarding the results of your trademark search, and, answer any other questions relating to your trademark application.
    • STEP 3: A trademark attorney will personally draft your trademark application and send it for your final review and approval.
    • STEP 4: Your trademark application is submitted to the USPTO.



    All refund requests must be made within three (3) days from the date the package was purchased.  Your refund request must be submitted in writing and emailed to  This package is non-refundable after three (3) days from the date the package was purchased